2018 Trending Handbags: Seasonal and Staples

Handbags for women are more than just an accessory: purses go with us everywhere we go each day, and they take care of all our most important items. Choosing a tote bag, hobo bag, crossbody purse, or any number of handbag styles also says something about our lifestyles and personalities.

Here's our guide to some of our favorite handbags of the season. While these bags are on-trend for fall, they'll also be able to blend into your wardrobe throughout winter or spring. Take a look at some of our top purse picks and styling tips:


The Hobo Bag

Handbag for women fall outfit hobo bag tote bag

We love hobo bags for their effortlessly chic look. They go with every look - from jeans and slip-on sneakers to a cozy sweater dress, this bag has got your back. These are perfect for the busy lady who doesn't have time to transfer her essentials from bag to bag to match her outfit.


The Grab & Go Handbag

Yellow clutch handbag

This fun little handbag is perfect for adding a little interest to an otherwise neutral look. It's the perfect size to carry your essentials on a date night or running errands.

Yellow clutch handbag for women

Pair a fun bag with a neutral sweater or scarf, and enjoy a pop of color in winter!

This handbag comes in a variety of colors. If you're not looking for a pop of color, opt for a more subtle and classic white beige.


The Take Everywhere Tote

This tote bag is perfect for carrying all your items on a busy day. It's the right size for mamas with a bag full of baby items, or it fits a laptop and makes a great work bag for other ladies on the go.

Outfit with pink beige handbag tote bag

You can style this bag with any look, dress it up or dress it down.

pink beige handbag for women tote bag

And best of all - it's reversible!


The Multi-Way Purse

This one's for the girls who want it both ways. Wear it as a hobo bag, or look inside - the lining doubles as a smaller crossbody bag on its own! Use the two together for a larger hobo bag, or when you need your hands free just take out the inner bag and go.

Stone beige crossbody handbag purse for women

Add a little bit of a rustic look to your outfit for fall, and wear it well into winter. Neutrals and versatility are here to stay!

Gray/Brown metallic hobo bag

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