Don't Give Up On Summer Yet

In this heat, it's easy to dream of fall. Bonfires, sweaters, hot chocolate, mmm. But the thing is, we've still got another month left of summer. Before we head in to the season of pumpkin spice and chilly nights, it's time to make the most of the rest of summer. 

These Olukai sandals are a new take on classic flip flops. They're comfortable for walking around during the rest of the summer, and are a great casual shoe for vacation. When you go to Hawaii this November or Mexico at Christmastime, you'll need some of these to walk around in. It'll be hard to find them in winter, so now's the time to get your vacation wardrobe ready.

They go great with a swimsuit, a sun dress, shorts, or even coconuts.


What says summer more than yoga on the beach? New tanks and yoga leggings are the perfect pieces to transition from summer to fall. When fall comes along, switch sandals to sneakers and add a sweater.

Summer is the time for adventuring, and yoga leggings are the outfit of adventurers. 


Slip-ons are one of the best shoes for every season of the year. They're breathable for summer and keep you warm with socks in the winter. They work with shorts, casual skirts, and later on leggings and jeans.

So before putting on flannel and hoping that'll make fall come faster, look for transition pieces that work well through the rest of summer and into the colder weather. We promise, you'll be missing these hot, sunny days in a couple more months. :)