Yoga Jeans

Yoga Jeans® offers the most sustainable and eco-friendly denim products available.  Over 90% of the fabric is used in the finished product, and the remainder is recycled.  Yoga Jeans washing formulas are made of natural enzymes and biodegradable wash agents instead of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and all styles are made in Canada.

Non-Restrictive Pattern: Just like a woman’s body, there are no straight lines in our patterns. This is why Yoga Jeans® embraces your body and acts as a second skin.

Unique Diagonal Stretch: Allows maximum comfort & fluidity!

Shape Memory Denim: You may bend, twist and wear your Yoga Jeans® denim all day long, thanks to this fabric, they will hug your curves no matter what!

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Produced ethically, Yoga Jeans® uses environmentally friendly processes & conscious materials from start to finish.


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